Spyro the Dragon Adult Jumpsuit Costume


Spyro the Dragon Adult Jumpsuit Costume

Time to Get Gnasty!What the heck, dragon fam? Some weird magic has gone haywire and turned all the dragons into… what are these two-legged critters? They don’t have scales or wings. Not a horn on any of their heads. They’ve even replaced all of their fancy gemstones with these weird pieces of paper or plastic cards or even the occasional thing they call “digital currency.” Humans? What is even going on in the Dragon World!? Oh, no! Have you been transported into another place again!? Or has something happened to the rest of your dragon friends? Well, this can only mean one thing. Obviously, Gnasty Gnorc is back to his weirdo habits and transforming the world and dragons into weirder things just to get his rocks off. It’s up to Spyro to leap to the skies and get to ramming the baddies so the world can once again be restored. We’re on your side and even have some flashy tech to help!Design & DetailsObviously, you need to be protected from the mysterious powers of that Gnorc and the rest of the villains of the Dragon Homeworld. That’s why our design team has gone all in to create this Spyro Costume! This is a Made by Us gem that we know you’re going to love. The hooded jumpsuit zips up and will keep you comfy and protected from whatever random magical energy beams may come your way. Stuffed horns and Spyro’s iconic spines decorate the hood and shaped cloth wings fasten to the back with hook and loops. Get your boot covers and mitts ready so you can charge into the fray! (We’re unfortunately still working on the fire breath upgrades and flight zones.)Rip Ripto to Bits!Once you’re in your Spyro swag, it’s time to let loose your draconic charge! Gnasty isn’t the only baddie to bother, so you’re sure to have your claws full of fun with this Spyro costume. 

Get the exclusive Spyro the Dragon Adult Costume Jumpsuit. This head to toe costume will make you the dragon you always wanted to be.

SAS ID: 38286

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