Space Cadet Costume Women’s


Space Cadet Costume Women’s

Cosmic CommuteDo you ever wonder what it would be like to travel from a galaxy far, far away? Cause even at light speed, travel would take a really long time, and you’d most likely be traveling with your closest friends and family. What would you play? I Spy from space? How many times can you spot stars or a far off planet? You’d probably be begging for a billboard by year two. Of course, you could always download all the podcasts you’ve got, that would last for about .1567 of the trip. But how good would it feel to get to your destination, right? You’d get out, have a nice long stretch. Hopefully, breathe in some nice fresh air. Maybe you’d even find new people to talk to. We don’t know that we’d lead with, “Take me to your leader”, though. That seems a little straight to business but that’s just us.Product DetailsThis lovely alien costume will have you tapping into your inter-galactic self. The jumpsuit has a futuristic feel with a silver, scaley texture. Black accents and sheer panels create a flattering figure. Leg halters are attached for a retro touch to your cosmic look. The look has a flaring iridescent peplum that echoes the strappy top for a look that’ll stand out as soon as you step out of your UFO. Triflers Take OffWhen you’re rocking a look this good, it’s pretty obvious that you’re some kind of higher life form. Pair this costume with a pair of silver gogo boots and an alien worthy silver wig, and you’ll have a look that’s ready for an intergalactic club or to really turn the tables at a NASA themed event. You don’t have to say it outright, earthlings will simply know to take you to their leader. Aliens just don’t have time for triflers. 

You’ll look out of sight in our Women’s Space Cadet Costume. This black and silver outfit will be sure to satisfy any space enthusiast.

SAS ID: 38286

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