Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine Halloween Decoration


Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine Halloween Decoration

Wood if you CouldIf you came upon a real, haunted forest would you enter it? Your answer might be “no” right away cause who wants to put their life on hold and transform into a werewolf just for a thrill? But really, how many times in your life are you going to run into a haunted forest? You kind of have to try it out. If haunted forests were more common, they might even get onto more people’s bucket lists. So yeah, if you run into a spooky forest, we recommend just taking a few steps into those gnarly trees. Cause who knows when you’ll see one next and honestly, worth the risk!Product DetailsThis light up tree looks like it’s been dug up from the back of an eerie antique store. The gnarly tree has intense roots and hands that look like they’re about to grab naive passers-by. While the expression looks pretty aggressive, the light up factor will be the perfect addition to your Halloween display. Setting the SceneAre you ready to get a spooky set together? Set this tree up with different accessories from our indoor Halloween decor collection. From spider webs to twisty trees and plenty of pumpkins, you’ll have all sorts of options to make your event extra eerie!

Take you Halloween decoration game to a new level with the Small Spooky Light Up Tree Figurine.

SAS ID: 38286

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