Small Rainbow Butterfly Wings


Small Rainbow Butterfly Wings

EMERGE WITH RAINBOW WINGSHave you felt that you’ve been just a little too shy lately?  Perhaps you’ve wound yourself up in stress or hidden yourself away from the bright colors of daylight?  Well, we all go through that!  That only makes your arrival more exciting! The thing that you have to decide is how you want to appear.  There’s bound to be that transformation, of course, so you should make sure it is flashy, colorful… something that’s going to be widely seen and maybe even cause some gasps!PRODUCT DETAILSTo ensure that your appearance from that cocoon is truly remarkable, be sure that you show up with these Rainbow Butterfly Wings.  This translucent cape fits at your back and around your wrists with elastic bands and drapes down into two butterfly wings.  Each wing is symmetrically colored with a rainbow gradient from top to bottom that will have you looking and feeling truly magical.UPGRADE THE MONARCHWe tend to collectively accept that the monarch butterfly is among the most beautiful creatures out there.  But, that’s only because we haven’t seen them with rainbow wings!  Take the crown and become an Emperor butterfly with your new elegant rainbow wings.  

Complete your butterfly or fairy costume with this pair of Small Rainbow Butterfly Wings that strap on your back and are controlled by your arm movement.

SAS ID: 38286

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