Simply Fab Flapper Costume


Simply Fab Flapper Costume

If you want to dress up as one of the notorious flappers from the early 1900’s then you simply must be absolutely fabulous. Modern standards of fabulous don’t even begin to scratch the surface of a flapper’s. Don’t waste your time searching any longer for the perfect outfit because it is right in front of you. This Simply Fab Flapper costume will make you the belle of the ball, the talk of the party, the speakeasy superstar!Take a second to get yourself a good look at this exquisite outfit. This black cocktail dress with its lovely silver sequins will help you light up the night. The beautiful glitzy design on the front of the dress will steal everyone’s eyes and you’ll be able to hold onto their attention with some of your classic flapper antics. Jump on a table and get the dance floor hopping or puff on a cigar and listen to some classic Jazz music. Whatever you do in this amazing attire, you’ll surely have plenty of onlookers waiting to see what you’re going to do next. After all, that is the life of a flapper, progressive and fun. One can only expect to be quite the spectacle. Now then, find the perfect pair of high heels to go with this fabulous outfit and get your hands on a fluffy black feather boa. You’ll be ready to live it up like the Roaring Twenties in no time!Whether you’ve got a Halloween party to attend or a fun decades party, this Simply Fab Flapper costume will be perfect. You’ll be the perfect balance of classy and sassy!

This Simply Fab Flapper costume has got sequins, sparkles, and a whole lot of pizzazz. You will feel like a star straight out of a 20’s movie.

SAS ID: 38286

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