Shimmer and Shine Womens Shine Deluxe Costume


Shimmer and Shine Womens Shine Deluxe Costume

What You Wish ForIf you had genie friends, how many times would you make wishes every day? We can think of about twenty wishes we would have made today and it’s not even noon! For instance, we might wish that we could have slept for about two more hours. We would have wished that our pup could politely converse with us instead of pulling us around the block first thing. We might have wished to float to work on a magic carpet rather than struggling with traffic and parking. And actually, if we’re thinking big, we wouldn’t mind working out of the hallowed halls of Zahramay Falls. How’s that for wishes? Want to feel like you’ve got the power to grant wishes? Dress up as the genie in training, Shine, and you’ll be ready to discover your new magical adventure!Costume DetailsThis sparkly blue costume will bring Nickelodeon’s Shimmer and Shine genies to life. The lightweight costume features billowy pants that are cinched on the bottom. The blue undershirt lets you rock the genie looking without baring any mid-drift while the matching gold shrug will bring everything together. The gold wrist cuffs and long blue hairpiece polish this costume off just right!All Lamped UpThat lamp life is pretty exciting. Are you ready to embrace your new, magic lifestyle? Pair this costume with gladiator sandals, genie makeup, and a bright attitude. Just be prepared, you will most likely get a few requests for wishes. Some of them will be impossible unless you’re going to wire your friend a million dollars… which is a pretty huge investment for Halloween if you ask us. Other wishes might be more doable. For instance, when your buddy wishes you could come to their Halloween party, you can proudly cross your arms and nod your head. Their wish is your will! 

This Women’s Shimmer and Shine Deluxe Shine Costume is a colorful genie costume for a magical Halloween this year!

SAS ID: 38286

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