Shazam! Deluxe Child Light-Up Costume


Shazam! Deluxe Child Light-Up Costume

Time for the Magic WordThe world isn’t always a perfect place. That’s why we look to our heroes to help lift us up and show us the shining way forward. Naturally, we’ve got Superman and the rest of the Justice League to help us get to the next day. But, there comes a time when even the old standards aren’t enough. We’ve got to ask for something a little more. Well, the time has come. All you have to do is say the magic word and a hero can come swooping into your life!Of course… figuring out what that magic word might be is the real mystery, isn’t it!? “Please” might get you a favor from a friend or a smile while being served up your dinner, but it isn’t opening up the path to the Rock of Eternity, now is it? You probably see where we’re going with this. Believe us, though, we’ve tried saying, “Shazam!” Turns out that you need to be a kiddo with a pure heart for that kind of thing to work. But, maybe you’ve got someone in mind… Product DetailsAnswer your tyke’s magic phrase with this Shazam costume. This is an officially licensed look that not only stands as a great replica of the costume worn by Zachary Levi in Shazam! but also features a glowing lightning bolt logo on the chest powered by button batteries and a string of lights. The costume itself is a printed jumpsuit with padding along the arms and abdominals. The cape fastens with hook and loops and the whole look cinches together with the included belt. All your kid needs to supply is the heart and the attitude! A Gleaming Beacon in the DarknessNot only does Shazam manage to push back the metaphoric darkness with his heroics, this Shazam! costume even serves as a gleaming light while trick-or-treating thanks to the glowing lightning bolt! Perfect for all young heroes. 

This is a Shazam! Deluxe Light-Up Costume for kids. Your kid will make a super entrance at any Halloween event.

SAS ID: 38286

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