Shark Onesie Adult


Shark Onesie Adult

Fin-tastic DedicationYour coffee table looks like you’ve been planning an intricate heist operation. There are booklets and print-outs and 3 different calendars all spread out in what, to any outsider, looks like complete chaos. But you know what’s going on. This is a yearly thing for you. This is Shark Week preparation. And the preparations don’t end with a detailed schedule of shark-themed programming. You’ve got shopping lists with themed snack recipes filed away in the kitchen and every shark print T-shirt you own has been washed and hung in a very specific wearing order. But after years of the same thing, you’re starting to wonder how you can make this year feel just a little more special.Might we suggest skipping straight to the reason for the season and becoming a shark? Nothing too drastic, don’t go file your teeth to points or request some sort of cosmetic surgery that would elongate your profile. We were thinking more along the lines of a wardrobe change.Design & DetailsThis Made By Us Shark Onesie is a great place to start a brand new Shark Week tradition. Our designers put a fun twist on a normally vicious-looking shark. Made with a super-soft microfleece, this hooded jumpsuit will help you become your favorite animal with ease. The hood has cartoon-style eyes stitched-on for a playful look while the bright red lining and pointed felt teeth create an intimidating grin. When you’re lounging on the couch watching your favorite shark documentary you’ll look like a shark swimming at the water’s surface with the attached tail and fin sticking up from the back of the jumpsuit.Shark Out of WaterWhen Shark Week is over, you can use this cozy shark onesie as a Halloween costume. Become a land shark and amuse your friends with all your shark facts and learned behaviors. If they don’t love your shark wisdom and excitement, throw up your hood for a toothy smile that’s sure to make them see your point.

Land shark! No longer relegated to the ocean, you can now terrorize everyone on land in this Adult Shark Onesie. This grey onesie features a fin, tail, and hood with open mouth full of teeth.

SAS ID: 38286

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