Sexy Tuxedo High Heels


Sexy Tuxedo High Heels

Some people think that sex appeal is all about how others see you; but we say can’t it also be all about how you see yourself?While these four-inch faux patent leather Sexy Tuxedo High Heels are bound to play nicely with our French Maid or Playboy Bunny costumes, we think you would be equally cheeky if you put these on with a silk nightie and feather boa, made a whole box of mac n’ cheese, and ate it right from the pot in the comfort of your candlelit room…as long as you loved every minute of it. Some things (like these heels) are meant to be seen and admired by others; while other things (like, for instance, these heels) are meant to cherished by you and you alone. However you wear them, wear them proud. Add class to any formal costume or dance the night away in your living room!

Complete your sexy Playboy bunny costume with these Sexy Tuxedo High Heels.

SAS ID: 38286

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