Sexy School Girl Costume


Sexy School Girl Costume

Ah, to be young and in school again. All that precious class time to spend learning important life lessons and sleeping, young love (well, not experiencing it per se, but seeing it happen from inside of the locker a bully just stuffed us in), and school lunches. Some days they were made with actual recognizable ingredients! We’d give anything to go back, even for just a day. We’d go back to our 10th grade science fair so we wouldn’t make our bleach and ammonia model volcano mistake again.The school uniform was a bummer though. We remember our poor mom who had to iron all the knife pleats in our skirt every morning, and polish our shoes until they looked like mirrors. And the nuns who’d hold a ruler up to our leg to make sure we weren’t wearing our skirt too short. Well, if only they could see our sexy school girl costume now, they’d have just given up on us when they had the chance!And forget acute angles — you’ll be a cute angel in this four piece throwback to your glory days in high school! With a pair of stockings, a pair of patent black leather shoes, and a yardstick you’ll be ready for recess in no time. You’re whole ensemble will definitely earn you an A+ in all of your classes.

Turn heads on the way to the Principal’s Office in this Sexy School Girl Costume. This naughty school girl costume comes with hair bows and a tie.

SAS ID: 38286

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