Sexy Private School Costume


Sexy Private School Costume

This Halloween if you can pick between if you want to be a good girl or show off your bad side why not go with this sexy private school girl costume. Let people think you’re a bad girl with this sassy look and then turn around with smart answer when they are least expecting it. Like that moment after your European history teacher ask a question and it’s met with complete silence. Then, all of the sudden, you glance up from doodling and answer, “Versailles” like it was obvious the whole time. If you play your cards right, you are sure to keep everyone constantly confused. Some people might even see you as a goodie two shoes with your nerdy glasses and private school girl outfit. And sure, you seem pretty natural as you lean against a wall, reading “Catcher in the Rye”. And sure, you definitely know your chemistry. But the thing is, just because you’re smart it doesn’t mean you’re sweet as sugar. In fact, we think smarts naturally come with a bit of a bite. One thing is for sure since the dress is a little on the short side no one will confuse you for an angel this holiday which is a good thing, we’ve never known an angel that aced their ACTs. So, go ahead pick up this sexy costume to keep your rival math league off their game. After all, there’s nothing like showing up sassy to make people underestimate your genius. That’s right, this year you’re bringing home the gold!

This sexy private school uniform costume is perfect as a sexy school girl look or a sexy nerd! Add a pair of large, black frame glasses and a pair of white knee socks to complete the look!

SAS ID: 38286

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