Sexy Priest Men’s Costume


Sexy Priest Men’s Costume

Exorcise ThisThe nightclub downtown, The Shadow Factory, has been having a couple of issues. Ever since their exclusive party on Friday the 13th, they noticed a strange giggle emanating from the speakers after everyone went home in the wee hours of the morning. The owners figured that is was some kind of prank until one evening, the fog from the fog machine began to take shape and wrap around the people on the dance floor like a spider wrapping it’s prey. While they were alarmed and a little disturbed, the revelers all agreed that the special effects were memorable, only the employees knew that there were no special effects involved.After months of eerie messages written in glitter being appearing on the bathroom mirrors and evidence of ghostly day drinkers found by the opening staff, it was decided that The Shadow Factory had a party-loving ghost in its midst. And though the ghost might be helping add atmosphere to a bar with such a mysterious name, it had top-shelf-taste and never paid its tab. The club could no longer afford to put off hiring an exorcist. And if it was a sign, the only exorcist sexy enough to take on this suave spirit happened to be in town! Coincidence? More like fate. costume DetailsThis costume might not be Sunday School appropriate but it will make those around you feel blessed. The mesh outfit features a sheer tank with a white clerical collar to make your look professional. The matching sheer shorts are outfitted with an opaque panel with a gold cross to make the ensemble street legal. Pair this costume with a strong, spiritual gaze and you’ll be ready to take on whatever demons might posses your fellow Halloween revelers!No Nun-senseWhen you’re heading to your next exorcism, you’re sure to be ready with this sheer priest costume. By the power invested in you, that glowy-eyed nun from the depths of heck won’t know what hit her!

You’ll be the center of attention at this weeks church service in the Men’s Sexy Priest Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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