Sassy Sugar Skull Costume Women


Sassy Sugar Skull Costume Women

Having a BallYou’ve heard of the dance with death but have you ever seen it? It’s a ball that’s a site for sore eyes. Sore eyes that don’t mind the macabre, that is. Everyone who’s at this afterlife get-together is diseased which means they’re dressed in the best they were buried in. Just like a regular ball, people tend to stick to the dances they learned when they were young. While some men in modern suits are scooting around the floor to the Electric Slide there are also women in long skirts and corsets waltzing right by their sides. You wouldn’t think this would work but this is the afterlife we’re talking about. As long as that angel band keeps playing, these souls are able to keep swinging. And when the sun comes up they can go back to their eternal slumber, dreaming of the next deathly ho-down!Details & DesignDo you want to honor those who’ve passed on? Do it with spirit when you rock this Made by Us Day of the Dead costume. You’ll notice the high quality and the sweet fit of this look as soon as you put it on! The featured dress has a skull and rose motif that matches the pattern along the skirt’s border. The circle skirt is detailed with bones along the center, lace trim, and a red sash around the waist. The skirt swings out when you move, giving this look plenty of “twirl factor”.Lighting Up the NightAre you looking for a costume that’s at once stunning and family friendly? Where this look anywhere from school functions to after work parties and you’re sure to feel charming. You can make this look yours when you pair it with sugar skull makeup and a colorful Day of the Dead headdress as well as themed tights and even shoes. Go ahead and go all out, you only after live once!

Get ready for Day of the Dead with our Women’s Sassy Sugar Skull Costume. This dress features sugar skulls and roses for your Dia de los Muertos festivities.

SAS ID: 38286

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