Santa Piggyback Adult Costume


Santa Piggyback Adult Costume

Having true Christmas cheer is an art! Sure, you might be into singing carols or wrapping presents but true cheer erupts from an unadulterated pool of Holiday spirit that seeps down to your soul, it can be learned but can’t be faked. Of course, with how busy and chaotic life is these days, it might not seem important to ramp up your jovial attitude but you just might find that refining your Christmas spirit will give you a warm and fuzzy feeling that will last all year round! How do you manage this Yuletide exuberance? Some people suggest giving to the needy, gathering warm fuzzies while sending out checks, that might be nice but you’ll need to open your heart as well as your bank account, easier said than done! Others might suggest a couple extra trips to Aunt Edna’s Eggnog bowl. While her recipe will make you sing along to Jingle Bells a little louder than usual while putting a little hair on your chest, it won’t perfect that deep down Christmas spirit. The best way to put yourself at the top of your holiday game? Get Santa Claus to hang out with you. Sure, the guy might be a little busy this time of year but that doesn’t mean he’s too busy to help you learn the true meaning of Christmas. So don’t be shy. Send a letter to Santa asking for him to give you a leg up at that office party! With him holding you in the air you’ll be ready to deck the halls and hearty “Fa Lalala Laing” will come naturally! Just slip your legs through the red suit, and prepare for take off. Your Christmas cheer is about to blast through the roof with a “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”!

Rock around the Christmas tree this holiday on the shoulders of Santa Claus in this Santa Piggyback Adult Costume.When you see Santa this year, tell him all I want this Christmas is a piggyback ride from you!

SAS ID: 38286

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