Sailor Girls Costume


Sailor Girls Costume

Classics, the very name suggests that the world will never get enough of them. Peanut butter and jelly, Marilyn Monroe, the wheel: all subjects that the world will never get sick of. Somewhere in the long list of classics is the quintessential suitor suit. If you felt like it, you’d be able to find adorable portraits of girls wearing a sailor suit similar to this on dating but to the turn of the 19th century. What is it that makes the sailor motif so popular through the ages? These days, nautically themed ensembles tickle our imaginations. They make us nostalgic for the days when people used to travel the world by steamer. Your child will like imagining packing her steam trunk and walking up the gangplank in her travel dress. While she’s imagining you can snap a couple photos, it won’t take much to make your daughter look like some sort of time traveler. Simply edit the photo to black and white, crop it, print it, and put it in great-grandma’s old scrapbook for a long con April Fools trick. Whether your kiddo is playing a part in Anything Goes or is simply going for a cool, classic ensemble this Halloween, she’s sure to love this sailor costume. She’ll almost be able to smell that sea spray when she slips on the dress with its deeply squared collar and sweet red sailor tie. The full skirt allows for premium twirling action. Once she puts the jaunty sailor cap on she’ll be ready to embark, “anchors away!”

Set your little one off to sea in this Sailor Girls Costume. It’s a perfect costume for a play date or for a fun marine themed Halloween costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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