Sabrina Dress Costume for Women


Sabrina Dress Costume for Women

The Dark Baptism Can Wait! Coming into your own powers as a child of the Darkness is… well… it has to be about as intimidating as that sounds! There are so many expectations placed upon you and who can really live up to all of that? Even those who’ve undergone the Dark Baptism don’t really know all the details about what’s going on, there, and folks seem more keen on making sure that you do the thing rather than understanding why the thing is done in the first place! Really, can’t you get these powers in a more holistic way? Can’t you live out the life that you want while also tapping into the supernatural forces that are your birthright? Why is everyone making such crazy demands so quickly? Here’s the thing: the Dark Lord is eternal. We know that. So, clearly, this whole signing in the book of the beast can probably wait a decade or three while you figure out what it is that you really want! So, all is good (or evil). Act in your own time!Product DetailsOf course, if you are ready to step into The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, then we’ve got just the thing to help you look the part. Step into this Halloween and keep an eye open for the Blood Moon while you show off your magical stylings with this Sabrina costume. This stunning red dress is designed after Sabrina’s own appearance on the hit Netflix series. The long-sleeved dress has three buttons down the front and lace trim along the neck and cuffs. You’re bound to feel the magic running in this look, but be careful what you sign while wearing it!Spellman for the Win!Whether you want to sign up for the Dark Lord’s mysterious tasks or fight for a blend between the world of the mortals and the world of the witches, this Sabrina costume is going to be stellar for both! (Plus, Halloween and Spellmans together? There’s no better team!) 

I think we can all agree we aspire to be Sabrina. The outfits, the powers, AND a talking black cat? We may not be witches, and we may not have a talking cat, but we do have the Sabrina Women’s Dress Costume, making you look the part.

SAS ID: 38286

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