Royal King Hat


Royal King Hat

We all have expectations. Don’t leave the nasty dirty smelling sponge in the sink for me to clean up. Please. Please. Don’t leave the toilet roll empty. Just replace it. Don’t let your dog poop on my nicely manicured lawn. If it does happen, clean it up. Why do they leave a tablespoon of milk in the carton? Just use the last of it, that way we know we to buy more.We know it can be frustrating being the king of your castle. Between the kids and the spouse, it is difficult to find things when you need them. At the same time, it is way too easy to find the LEGOs that have become embedded in the carpet, with your feet. We can’t get your kids to start replacing the toilet roll or stop leaving smelly sponges in the sink, but we can let everyone know that you are the king of the castle with this Royal King Hat! Just keep watching out for Fido’s land mines on the lawn!

Comfortably sit at the head of the table in this Royal King Hat, and watch as your royal subjects bring you gifts of delicious treats.

SAS ID: 38286

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