Riverdale Toni Topaz Deluxe Serpent Jacket Women’s


Riverdale Toni Topaz Deluxe Serpent Jacket Women’s

Queen of Alliteration Have you ever noticed that certain comic book characters have a penchant for repeating letters? If you’re going to have a Riverdale reporter, for example, you can be certain that they are going to have a name that practically sings. That’s why we knew when we first set eyes on Toni Topaz that we were destined for something amazing. It only became even more obvious when we learned that she was pretty involved with the Southside Serpents. It was only natural that she’d captivate our hearts when she took to Jughead, rose up to head the Pretty Poisons, and became the signature star at the Whyte Wyrm… and of course a photographic journalist, too! It’s pretty much everything we could hope for. No wonder Toni’s got style for days. It’s time to bring Riverdale back in epic style with Toni Topaz at center stage! Product DetailsStrap into style with this officially licensed Serpent Jacket from Riverdale. This shiny black jacket has the look of someone way too cool for Southside School and features the Southside Serpent’s logo in bright green on the back. Combine this with some key jewelry and a colorful wig and you’ll bring Toni Topaz to life!Southside Serpent & Riverdale RockstarThere’s nobody that quite managed to stir up Jughead like Toni. Is it the fun pattern of her name and titles? Maybe… but it’s clearly her killer style that’ll be rattling Riverdale when you’re in this jacket! 

Be a bad girl in this Riverdale Women’s Toni Topaz Deluxe Serpent Jacket. This black biker jacket features the South Side Serpents snake emblem on the back.

SAS ID: 38286

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