Ride A Unicorn Costume


Ride A Unicorn Costume

Since medieval times, unicorns have been associated with young girls, seen as a symbol of innocence and purity. This Ride A Unicorn costume is for those who just need to find a beautiful supernatural wonder and plop themselves down on it! Carry me around, innocence and purity! When your little angel wears this Ride A Unicorn Costume, she can ride headlong into her favorite fairy tale!It’s not known if legends of unicorns originated with rhinoceroses, single-horned goats or deer, or simple fabrication, but you can let your little one go on believing whatever she wants. This Ride A Unicorn costume is as authentic as they come.This Ride A Unicorn costume has a body of brushed knit flannel, lined with interlock knit and stuffed with fiberfill for that soft squeeze-ability every unicorn needs to comfort its maiden. It has grosgrain ribbon suspenders with plastic slides for length adjustment––we can’t stop your princess from ever outgrowing her fondest companion, but we can put it off as long as possible. I mean, we do have a spell that would stop her from ever aging, but that doesn’t seem worth it, right? It’s usually considered a curse. We’ll just go with the straps. The stuffed head has an iridescent horn, a pink fur mane and black plastic eyes. The unicorn has 4 stuffed legs handing from its body, a pink faux fur tail, and iridescent wings sewn to its sides. Wait, wings?! Is this a unicorn or Pegasus? Scratch everything, we have to start over…

It’s hard to deny the truth about unicorns when your little girl has this Ride A Unicorn costume. It has an adorable rating that is off the charts.

SAS ID: 38286

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