Resin Skull Hanging Halloween Decoration


Resin Skull Hanging Halloween Decoration

Horrible HomegoodsTo some people might seem strange that anyone would put effort into making their home seem horrible. Decorating with bones, spider webs, and all things eerie might seem counter-intuitive. We get where they’re coming from. We also think that going macabre is a great way to shake things up.People have been decorating with an eerie angle for decades now. Need proof? Head to the Czech Republic and check out the Sedlec Ossuary, a chapel that’s been decorated from ceiling to floor with the bleached bones of centuries of the dead. Or there’s the Victorians who decorated with photos of the dead and locks of their departed’s hair. Honestly, when we think back on macabre decor, hanging this resin skull for one month out of the year doesn’t seem that dark, after all. Product DetailsWant to make your Halloween decor simple and impactful. This hanging skull is eerie without taking up table space. Hang the resin molded head on the wall and it’s ready to go. With a grinning grimace and dark eyes, it’s sure to spread a shiver of fear to any of your Halloween visitor. Pair this skull with our posable skeletons, plenty of reusable spider webs, or even a skeletal animal or two, a skeletal bat is always a sure shriek maker!  

Make your Halloween extra spooky by decorating with this Hanging Resin Skull Halloween Decoration!

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