Red Glitter Web Costume Poncho


Red Glitter Web Costume Poncho

I Thee WebWell, it’s time to get married…to your look! As the frontwoman for a goth-punk-rock band, you have a big following that has even bigger expectations every time you take the stage. For your Halloween concert, then, it’s best to go big or go home! You’ll want a look that lingers and a sound to match it. Not to mention, you’ll want to appear on point for the holiday. This Red Glitter Spiderweb Poncho is perfect for your headlining act on All Hallows Eve. It’s a little dark, a little alluring, a little edgy, a little spooky, and a little artsy. It’s basically the perfect illustration of your band’s aesthetic, so get ready to rock it! Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if this poncho transitions to become your signature onstage look. Lots of famous rockers have one, so who knows? Maybe this goth garment will become yours!Product DetailsThe only thing you’ll love more than this cool piece is how many fun ways there are to accessorize it! But first, the goods: this is a crimson-red poncho with a black spiderweb design across the front and a jagged hem that follows the web’s pattern. The web also sparkles with a hint of glitter! This piece looks short and sweet above web-print or fishnet stockings or thigh-highs, and also looks crazy-cool with lacy fingerless gloves. Add a smoky eye, some black lipstick, and of course, your vintage bass to blow the minds of your beloved fans this Halloween. Encore! Encore!You’re already known for your unforgettable tunes, so it’s time to create a look to match. March out under the spotlight in this spider-inspired piece and prepare for flashbulbs (ok, camera phones) from adoring fans. We can’t blame them! You look absolutely killer in this cool poncho. Make sure you add a few songs to the set list—this audience will be begging for more!  

Add this red glitter spider web poncho to your spider, vampire, or witch costume this Halloween!

SAS ID: 38286

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