Red Fishnet Stockings


Red Fishnet Stockings

What is it about fishnet stockings that make them so dang sexy? At a glance, they just look like regular stockings, but with hundreds of tiny holes in them, So really, shouldn’t that make someone look less sexy because they’re wearing tattered clothes? You’d think so, but apparently seeing legs clad in something that’s used to clean swimming pools gets a lot of people turned on! The human brain works in funny ways when it’s all worked up and stuff… The truth is, if you are looking to seduce someone while looking devilishly dangerous, slipping on a pair of these Red Fishnet Stockings is a good move to start with! These sassy, nylon thigh highs will add a flare of colorful style to your sexy devil or nurse costume. You can also try wearing them with your usual nightwear while heading out on the town, but wear some comfortable shoes to help you jump over all of the guys that will be tripping on their own feet all around you!

These fire red fishnet stockings are so deliciously bad, you’ll think they’re straight from hell. This devious leg wear yearns to be with a sexy devil costume and pitchfork. Listen to the nylons and create the look.

SAS ID: 38286

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