Ram Skull Prop Halloween Decoration


Ram Skull Prop Halloween Decoration

We know how tough it can be to move to a new town and start up a pagan cult from scratch. You have to gather new followers, train them, then draw fresh pentagrams on the floor, stock up on candles… you get the idea (you’ve done this before). But decorating is easily one of the hardest parts, because your followers just won’t take you seriously if your apartment is furnished by Ikea. Luckily, getting the right satanic look for your pad is as simple as hanging up this sinister and spooky Ram Skull!It’s made of molded plastic but looks like the real skinned and boiled skull of a ram, and will look great hanging above your cult as you perform the weekly rituals and ceremonies. But don’t worry if you’re not a cult leader — this awesome pieces also makes a fantastic Halloween decoration, or a wonderful conversation-starter for your living room!

This Ram Skull decoration will give your home or yard a more haunted feeling. Add this spooky animal skull to your Halloween decor.

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