Rainbow Brite Costume for Girl’s


Rainbow Brite Costume for Girl’s

Seasonal ColorBy the time Halloween rolls around the colors of autumn begin to fade. The skies turn to gray more often than blue. The grass dims its shade from vivid green to pale tan and the remaining leaves have gone through their spectacular color change to settle into a muddy brown. In an effort to keep things lively, large orange pumpkins are carved into jack-o-lanterns. Purples and greens flood the decorations scene, but when the novelty of fall colors has worn thin and winter is only threatening to take all but blue from us, a punch of color is more than welcome.While the neighborhood kids get dressed up as vampires, ninjas, and various woodland creatures for trick-or-treating, a hero will emerge to bring color back to Halloween. Brave and bold and ready to bring Rainbow Land to Earth, Rainbow Brite is the one who can return the full color-spectrum to us (even if just for the day).Design & DetailsDecked out in blue and rainbow, your little one can take up the mission of Rainbow Brite this Halloween. This Made By Us Rainbow Brite costume brings the classic look of the Rainbow Land heroine to life. Soft foam-backed fabric makes up this licensed design to give your kiddo the same futuristic look that Rainbow wore. She’ll have the powerful Color Belt Rainbow used to bring color back to Rainbow Land so there’s no fear of a totally grey season. With her signature bow, gloves, and choker necklace too, this costume has everything your child will need to bring that burst of color to her Halloween fun!A Colorful FriendRainbow Brite owes a lot of her success to her companion sprite, Twink. Without Twink, there’d be no Star Sprinkles for Rainbow to use to protect Rainbow Land. Make sure your kiddo has her own trusty sprite to accompany her on her night of trick-or-treating by adding a sprite purse to their costume. She’ll have all the Star Sprinkles she’ll need and a handy place to keep all her Halloween candy.

Relive the 80’s when you get the Rainbow Brite Girl’s Costume. This blue and rainbow dress will have you feeling major nostalgia.

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