Queen Esther Costume for Girls


Queen Esther Costume for Girls

An Old TaleThe tale of Purim is an oldie, but a goodie! It’s also a very important one to the Jewish faith and right at the heart of the iconic tale is the humble Queen Esther. She’s a pretty normal woman. She doesn’t have any special powers and she can’t perform any sort of miracles, but that’s exactly what makes her story so amazing. She became queen in a trying time when her people faced serious troubles. But she stood up for them with a simple act!When an order is decreed by the villainous Haman to hunt down the Jewish people of the community, the future seems hopeless for Esther and her people. In a brave act, she reveals her heritage to the King. Compelled by her boldness, which placed her right in harm’s way, the King devises a plan to save Esther and her people while punishing Haman for his wicked plans. It’s a story of how a simple, bold choice by a seemingly normal woman can change the course of fate for a people! This Queen Esther Costume for girls helps you share the amazing tale with the world!Design & DetailsThis Girl’s Queen Esther Costume was designed by our costume designers to help tell the tale of Purim. Without Esther’s brave sacrifice, her people would have been doomed, so it’s important to remember her bravery! The costume is a white satin dress with an attached blue robe. Gold trim on the robe and dress add a royal look to the outfit and the head veil adds the finishing touch to the outfit.Share the StoryIf your child wants to share the incredible story of Purim with the world, then this Queen Esther Costume may just be the outfit that you’ve been looking for!

Esther was known for her beauty and standing up for what is right, so this Girl’s Queen Esther Costume is perfect for your brave girl! This exclusive costume includes the head veil, dress, robe, and belt!

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