Purple Rock Legend Costume


Purple Rock Legend Costume

Purple PrecipitationBig bouffant hair. Like BIG. Telecaster guitars. Purifying yourself in mystical Minnesota lake waters. And did we mention the color purple? That’s the stuff that rock legends are made of, and if you feel like becoming one of the legends yourself, you can strut your stuff in a slightly over-the-top and extravagant way when you go in this Purple Rock Legend costume for men. A made-by-us exclusive, this is the look that’s going to let you make the skies open up with purple precipitation.You might not be able to play a lick on the guitar, and you might not even have the libidinous swagger of a timeless pop star. It won’t matter one bit when you don these immortal threads.Design & DetailsOur costume designers studied the intricacies of rock legends for countless hours to get this legendary look just right. Comprised of a jacket, pants, and shirt ensemble, this detailed costume will instantly transform your appearance. The twill jacket hits at the knees, has a high collar, and features an over-sized flap on the right shoulder that is embellished with metal studs. A satin shirt front features a 3 layer chiffon ruffle design with a high collar, and secures around your undershirt with Velcro straps. The faux shirt effect is continued with satin sleeve extensions attached to the wrist of the jacket. Finish the look with the tailored style black pants, and add a wig (sold separately) if you don’t quite have that rockin’ hairstyle.Legendary PerformanceOne thing’s for sure, with this daring costume, you’ll be ready to rock a show that they won’t soon forget! Whether you take to the stage for a performance of a lifetime or you just decide to conquer the next costume party, this rock-inspired costume will take your purple game to a whole new level.

In this exclusive Purple Rock Legend Costume for men you can sing the timeless songs of your favorite artist.

SAS ID: 38286

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