Pumpkin Frenzy Unisex Halloween Sweater


Pumpkin Frenzy Unisex Halloween Sweater

Avenge O’ LanternsJack O’ Lanterns have had enough! That’s right, they’re completely fed up! For years, we’ve been using their fallen, orange pumpkin brethren to suit our human needs. We have put them in Thanksgiving pies, used them to flavor our fancy coffee drinks, and we’ve even turned them into candles, shampoo, and other everyday items. Well, the pumpkins are fighting back! They’re ready to avenge their fallen pumpkin-kind. The frenzy has begun and it all starts with this Pumpkin Frenzy Halloween Sweater!This pumpkin-tastic sweater showcases the beginning of the Jack O’ Lantern retaliation on mankind… or maybe it’s a just an awesome way to get into the Halloween mood this year! It’s made out of a comfy cotton and acrylic blend, which makes it a cozy way to keep warm this fall. The Jack O’ Lantern is a knit-in, all-over pattern that has plenty of pumpkin faces on the exterior. If you feel like skipping the costume this year, then this exclusive sweater might just be the sort of apparel that you’ve been looking for. And if you bump into a raging pack of wild pumpkins, they’ll know you’re cool when you’re wearing this festive Halloween sweater.

It wouldn’t be a Halloween sweater without some pumpkins! Get this Pumpkin Frenzy Halloween Sweater for your Halloween Bash!

SAS ID: 38286

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