Pretty Paratrooper Costume


Pretty Paratrooper Costume

Alright! Are you ready to make the most spectacular entrance into a party that anyone has ever witnessed? All you need is a military-grade chopper, a year or two of training under a professional parachutist, your very own parachute, and this Pretty Paratrooper Costume! Oh, and yes, this may be a bit on the expensive side, but explosions of fireworks always make everything more exciting and entertaining… just a thought! With all of that and a little thing called “perfect timing”, you’ll be able to make the grandest entrance at any costume party you plan to attend this Halloween.Can’t afford to rent a helicopter or to take those skydiving lessons? Hmm. That may put a damper in this plan but we think with this amazing Paratrooper outfit and a little bit of charisma, you can still pull it off! Just because in reality you drove or walked there like everyone else, you can still tell them that the night sky was lit up like a climactic finale in a Michael Bay film as you made your grand entrance. Once you tell them that action-packed story and they see you in this outstanding camouflaged jumpsuit, they won’t have any other option than to believe you! Add some sexy buckled boots, a pair of black gloves, and aviator sunglasses to blow everyone away with this military-inspired look. You’ll have everybody shouting “Hoo Rah!”

Jumping out of a plane never looked so good! Become one of the military’s elite soldiers in our Pretty Paratrooper Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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