Power Rangers Women’s Yellow Ranger Costume


Power Rangers Women’s Yellow Ranger Costume

Mighty Morphin TimeYellow Ranger comin’ at ya! Whoa whoa whoa. Don’t tell us you’re not familiar! You know, the original Power Rangers, circa 1993? The Yellow Power Coin? The Sabertooth Tiger Zord?Okay, we see that we’ve jogged your memory. Good. Well, now that you remember that the Yellow Ranger was and probably still is your favorite Power Ranger, you have an all-important decision to make. You know that costume party you have coming up? Why not be the Yellow Ranger this year!We’re sure you maybe kinda sorta had that idea in mind already, but let us assure you, it’s a great decision. A retro yet always popular choice, being a Power Ranger is a ton of fun. So, go on, get this Yellow Ranger costume. It’s Morphin Time!Product DetailsThis costume will have you channeling the Yellow Power Ranger in no time. The polyester jumpsuit secures with hook and loop fastener strips in the back and has an attached belt and skirt section. The plastic belt buckle clips onto the belt and showcases that Sabertooth Tiger style. The half mask secures around your head with an elastic band and has a smoky see-through visor.Great for a Group ThemeOkay, we will state the obvious, too. The Power Rangers is one of the greatest group themes of all time! Gather your gaggle of guys and gals, and you can assemble the entire team to tackle the Halloween party with aplomb. It’ll be a ton of fun partying as this legendary team, even if you do have to leave your Zords parked safely at home…

Join the team as the yellow ranger in this Power Rangers Adult Yellow Ranger Costume.

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