Power Rangers: White Ranger Morphsuit Costume


Power Rangers: White Ranger Morphsuit Costume

As a kid, you probably spent a good portion of your day shouting, “It’s morphin’ time!” while you practiced your crazy martial arts moves. The real difference between now and then is that now…you are an adult. All grown up. Well, sort of. You try. But what’s the point of being an adult–the stress, the cholesterol, to taxes–if you can’t have a little fun once and awhile? None. There is no point. Well, guess what, buddy? It can be “morphin’ time” all over again in this Power Rangers: White Ranger Morphsuit; you can practically relive your past in a costume of the future! A morphsuit is THE look of costumes these days; they cover your hands, feet, and face, making your real identity practically unknowable! And your parents can’t even stop you from staying out late and practicing your ranger skills with the crew–it’s almost too good to be true, right? But it is true! The tight-fitting bodysuit is designed to look like the White Ranger’s suit, so it will totally make you feel giddy like a kid again. You just might want to be careful; it could seem weird if you try to refer to your boss as Zordon and pretend your car is a Tigerzord. But hey, we won’t judge. We heard you loud and clear: “it’s morphin’ time!” and the “you” we knew before no longer exists.All that’s left is the happy kid you once were, having the most amazing time ever in this timeless morphsuit!

Get your white ranger on with this awesome Power Rangers: White Ranger Morphsuit!

SAS ID: 38286

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