Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Accessory


Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Accessory

A Sword Fit for a Power RangerThere are a lot of tools in the arsenal of a Beast Morphers Power Ranger. You know, their link to beast DNA, an awesome Beast Bot, and of course, a super slick Zord vehicle. There is, of course, one tool that’s perhaps the most important to each individual Power Ranger. Their Beast-X Saber! Sword combat is an important part of saving the day for Power Rangers, at least until things really escalate and they have to assemble their Megazord. But, for hand-to-hand battles, you bet they’re going to have their Beast-X Saber Sword handy!We are, of course, your source for the latest Power Rangers costumes. And we’ve got all the styles from the 2019 series ready to go for your kids! Just add on this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword for an extra touch to their costume theme. It’s Power Rangers and Hasbro officially licensed so you know it’s the real deal. It measures about 18″ long so it’s sized just right for any kid. The molded plastic toy features painted details that make it a realistic replica straight from the show. Shop our entire selection of Beast Morphers costumes this Halloween, and we’re sure your kid will be ready to Morph!

Complete your Power Rangers Beast Morphers costume when you add this Power Rangers Beast Morphers Sword Accessory.

SAS ID: 38286

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