Poodle Skirt Dress Plus Size Costume


Poodle Skirt Dress Plus Size Costume

Get ready for the sock hop, you cool cat! Put away that smartphone and throw out those designer jeans, because we’re going back to the age of 50s Americana. The poodle skirt is an example of a classic look captured during a simpler time (okay, being at the sock hop and wondering if your crush will ask you to dance has never been simple, but go with us on this one). That pink will pop at any party. You’ll make a statement and every greaser will wonder about how you got to be the hippest cat this side of the Cadillac. This ain’t no Mickey Mouse Club get-up for some square from Nowheresville. These threads are far out, ya dig? So take that 50s night on the town to cloud 9 while looking absolutely dazzling! You can tell we’ve been working on our jive Daddy-O, and you should too! Nothing makes dress-up as fun as playing the part. Put a set of white-walled tires on your hot rod and cruise through town looking for the hottest spot to park your wheels. Accessorize with a pair of cat’s eye glasses to really nail that 50s style. This outfit is demure and provocative all in one. There’s an air of mystery surrounding that cute poodle pup and when you spin, well… that pink skirt will float like the crooning lyrics of a slow song at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance. Relive an era of classic American culture and look great doing it. Marilyn Monroe’s got nothing on you, baby!

Wear this Plus Size Poodle Skirt Dress for a 50s theme party or for Halloween, and you’ll rule the sock hop! Add saddle shoes and cat-eye glasses. Available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X.

SAS ID: 38286

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