Poodle Purse


Poodle Purse

Back in the good ole’ days, when all the girls were going bonkers trying to find and flaunt the cutest poodle skirt in school, you would have been a step ahead of the game and caused them all to turn green with envy had you shown up with this perfect accessory to match your outfit! Guess what? This purse has still got it going on! Halloween is a time to go all-out in 50s mode–while the boys are busy slicking back their hair, you can doll up your ensemble with this precious Poodle Purse and ensure that you’ll be the sweetest treat at the sock hop. This is a pretty pink plush novelty bag with a metal chain strap and zipper, and it is an absolutely adorable and neato way to dress up your 1950s costume!

Here’s a Poodle Purse to match your Poodle Skirt. Step back into the fifties with this darling accessory! It’s a must have for your next sock hop.

SAS ID: 38286

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