Plus Size White Tulle Petticoat


Plus Size White Tulle Petticoat

Dressing up for costume parties and for Halloween is great. You get to become a totally different person than who you are in real life. But one of other reasons why dressing up is great, is because you can include costumes and articles of clothing that is no longer fashionable to use. Baggy pants? No problem. Bell bottoms? Sure, why not. Corsets or flapper dresses or petticoats? Yeah, bring ’em on.And this is great for you, because it means you’re no longer confined to popular culture when you assemble a wardrobe. You can feel free to gather your costume from humanity’s long and diverse clothing palette. The clothes of ancient cultures are available, the same as threads from fifteen years ago. That’s why little items like this Plus Size White Tulle Petticoat are so great when it comes to assembling a costume… It can be used for all sorts of different ideas spanning different timelines and settings.This is a 100% polyester white petticoat with elastic waistband, the same sort of thing that you’d expect to see on a graceful ballerina, a tender and loving angel, or an icy queen from another world. You can pair this up with a modern day casual t-shirt and tights, or an otherworldly outfit that comes from your imagination. The ideas don’t just stop for at Halloween, either. Use this petticoat for lots of fun Christmas program ideas, or as a winter festival costume builder. Whatever you use it for, enjoy the freedom of making a costume with any fashions you want!

You’ll be za best French Maid in za world! Give that French maid costume a lift with the addition of this Plus Size White Tulle Petticoat. Now that you’ve ruffled your feathers, it’s time to ruffle his!

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