Plus Size The Pink Panther Costume


Plus Size The Pink Panther Costume

Cat-Like ReflexesMost people who say they have cat-like reflexes are lying. Well, that’s not quite right. When some people claim they have cat-like reflexes they’re talking about that one time they caught a glass of water from falling off the counter without spilling a drop. But some people, far and few between are talking about those cat-like reflexes that we should all try and live up to. That is, the cat-like reflexes of the Pink Panther! This is one pastel-colored cat that knows how to react! He always has strange new ways to rile up the little white guy. You never know what’s going to happen next. He can find his way out of any situation or overcome any barrier. Want to be in the pink when you’re claiming cat-like reflexes? This Pink Panther is the perfect way to go. Details & DesignThis licensed look is perfectly cozy for a brisk Halloween event! The jumpsuit zips up the light pink belly so changing is nice and easy. Our in-house designers made sure this costume looks like it came straight from the classic cartoon. A long tail and a sculpted face with the panther’s slightly alarmed expression brings this character to life. To keep your look cohesive we’ve also designed shoe covers and mitts, perfect for doing the sneaky pink panther walk. A Real Ear WormThe Pink Panther doesn’t really talk so it’s hard to quote him while wearing this ensemble but we wouldn’t worry. You can always sneak around while singing the song. You know the song, once you hum the first notes, you won’t be able to get it out of your head. Still, the melody is sure to boost your suave panther-like moves. Whether you’re walking your kids around the neighborhood while trick-or-treating or you’re headed to a costume party, this costume is sure to be the mystery cat’s meow!

You’ll have your friends humming the catchy theme song all night when you wear this exclusive The Pink Panther Plus Size Costume.

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