Plus Size Ninja Assassin Costume


Plus Size Ninja Assassin Costume

We know what you’ve been thinking: if only there was an ideal outfit that could perfectly highlight my fierce and femme nature. Well, guess what? There is!You tend to take offense when people assume all the cool ninjas are men. You’ve put in the work, too! You’ve undertaken years and years of training in the arts of the shinobi. You’ve taken a secretive code name (don’t tell us!). You’ve shrouded yourself in secrecy. You’ve changed out your entire wardrobe to black. You’ve practiced the skills of crouching in absolute stillness, walking silently so as to remain undetected, and looking hard core as heck. Now, you’re more than ready for this Plus Size Ninja Assassin Costume. We think you’re bound to look killer in it. The black and red tunic and separate pants allow you to move freely, for that deadly and sleek combo that allows you to look ferocious while still slashing through a whole stack of bamboo! The fabric mask will enable you to maintain your secret identity, even in the largest of Halloween crowds, while the red printed dragon ensures your enemies know that you have a fire roaring inside of you. One look at you and your foes will know that you’re not the kind of girl that they should mess with. See? We told you this costume would blend in seamlessly with your stealth lifestyle!

Is fighting sort of your “thing”? Then this Plus Size Ninja Assassin Costume will have you looking ready to take on the deadliest of shinobi opponents. Available in 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

SAS ID: 38286

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