Plus Size Fringe Gold Flapper Costume


Plus Size Fringe Gold Flapper Costume

The glitz! The glamor! The jazz! Lots of decades had those things, but none of them jumped and jived like the 1920s. That decade had the sassy fun lovin’ gals called flappers to put the “hop” in the Lindy Hop. (and the Charleston, too) When you’re wearing our exclusive Plus Size Fringe Gold Flapper Costume, you’ll add a dash of Roaring Twenties pizzazz to your costume party, or any night out on the town!Flashback to any decade, and you could be sure to find a local watering hole with a stiff drink and some decent music to dance to. But if you’re looking for the best parties in history, the 1920s are the bee’s knees! Even though booze was outlawed in America in the 20’s, you can just do what everyone else did back then and find the nearest speakeasy if you wanna “see a man about a dog”. Oh, that reminds us, the 20’s had the best slang of any era! When else can you mingle with the fellas while gettin’ zozzled on giggle water, and then lam it on your getaway sticks before the coppers bust ya? If those last couple sentences didn’t make any sense, then you’re totally not “on the trolley” and you got some homework to do, doll. Or, just slip into our ritzy costume and you’ll fit right in at any jazz joint! And even if you aren’t going to a retro party, these flashy gold and black fringes look pretty good at any shindig. You can add all manner of jewelry and feathery doo-dads to make look really swanky, and you’ll be in for a swell time!

This plus size fringe gold flapper costume is a true 1920s style retro costume for Halloween. This plus size flapper costume is available at a cheap price. Available in sizes 1X through 6X.

SAS ID: 38286

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