Plus Size Dirty Cop Costume


Plus Size Dirty Cop Costume

The captain is going to have a word with you about dress code. While your performance is fine, the others can’t concentrate on their work when you walk around in this Plus Size Dirty Cop Costume. Remember last week when that cop car ran into the pole at the crime scene? Sure, it was flattering, but these mistakes can’t keep happening. Plus, you’re making the others look bad. Grizzly Sgt. McDonald just doesn’t look as saucy as you in his blue trousers and button-up shirt.Technically, we guess you’re not breaking any dress code with this Plus Size Dirty Cop Costume. Even the captain has to admit that. The dress is regulation black, though the skirt hem lined with ruffles is a bit of a stretch. But it has a professional collar and crisp short sleeves like any other uniform, and it has the standard black tie. Then there’s the removable silver police badge and standard issue plastic walkie talkie, which hooks onto your belt for easy access. And of course you have the typical police hat, which comes with its own removable silver badge. The only thing that’s really suspect is the attached elastic garters with silver handcuff charms. They’re super cute, but they may send the wrong message to any perps you come across. Then again, we’re guessing many a perp would love to be arrested by you! Dirty cops may be bad news, but you make them look so good!

Heat up your beat in this Plus Size Dirty Cop Costume. Just don’t be surprised if crime levels begin to rise! Oh, and more crimes are performed in front of you. Available in 1X/2X and 3X/4X.

SAS ID: 38286

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