Plus Size Cozy Sloth Adults Costume


Plus Size Cozy Sloth Adults Costume

Got Sloth?What do you dream of doing on your days off? Are you the type that wants to travel to faraway locations, doing exciting and adventurous things? Or maybe you like to try something wild and new that you’ve never done before? Us? Well, we’re more the type who wants to have a stay-cation at home, lazing around on the couch while binging our favorite show. That’s why we can really relate to the lazy sloth.Sloths are easy livin’ animals who spend their time relaxing in their favorite tree. They munch on leaves, take naps, and cultivate their unique aura of chill. If they had access to a couch and a streaming service, we bet they’d spend their days off having a stay-cation just like we would!Design & DetailsHow about you? Are you a sloth at heart? Then you might like dressing up in this Cozy Sloth Costume for adults! It’s a plus size outfit that helps you get in touch with your inner chill critter. This exclusive costume was crafted by our expert costume designers. It comes with a full-body jumpsuit that’s made of brown faux fur. The mitts and foot covers are made of the same faux fur and feature soft-sculpted white claws. It also comes with a mascot-style sloth headpiece, which has a soft-sculpted nose in front. The eyes have a large, cartoonish style and feature mesh covering for limited vision.Let the Lazy Bout BeginIf you need a costume that’s more your laid-back speed, then give this exclusive Sloth Costume a try. With a cozy style, you can indulge in your laziness while still looking your best at the next costume party. When you decide to hole up on the couch all night, everyone will know that you’re just getting into character!

Life goes too fast! Kick back and enjoy the slow lane in this exclusive Plus Size Cozy Sloth Costume!

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