Plants Vs Zombies Child Peashooter Costume


Plants Vs Zombies Child Peashooter Costume

Give Peas a ChanceHard work, commitment, and a healthy well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and high-fiber carbon dioxide make it all possible.” Make what possible, one might ask, but any avid gamer would know what this articulate peashooter is talking about. This chlorophyll-filled plant is a certified weapon of mass destruction when it comes to the undead. In other words, the peashooter is a lethal zombie slayer. That’s right, this adorable weed-like creature has made a promise to shield any household from ravenous flesh-eating zombies, so he’s prepared to pelt his peas at any brain-muncher who tries to enter your home. Yup, this feisty plant is on the front defensive line taking down zombies for your well-being. If we were you, we would run over to your nearest house plant and give it a great big hug! Who knew that your greenery could be so heroic?Product DetailsYoung fans of the popular video game will tell you right away why pea-shooting plants are so important. Little gamers will love this exclusive Plants Vs Zombies peashooter costume because it will transform them into the power-packing plant who doesn’t allow zombies to nibble on his sprouts. This velour costume comes with the jumpsuit, headpiece, mitts, and booties so young players will be completely covered in green from head to toe when they’re outfitted in this officially licensed costume. Let ‘Em GrowReady to have some fun this Halloween? This costume is sure to be a good time! Give your child some frozen peas so he can hurl the green vegetable at any zombie that may appear while he’s are out trick or treating. This costume might make your child devoted to veggies for good. One thing is for sure, this will be a Halloween that he’ll always remember!

This is a licensed Plants Vs Zombies Peashooter Costume for kids that is available exclusively here.

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