Plague Doctor Costume for Women


Plague Doctor Costume for Women

Scary SkilledIt is another time. The 6th century. Perhaps as late as the 14th. The world knows nothing of medicine. Not really, anyway. The plague spreads like wildfire and very few will manage to survive it. Only those with just a bit of flair will make it through and the very best ones might even help a few others along the way. Now, the question is whether or not you have it in you to be among the survivors. You’ll need a few unusual talents. Perhaps a steady hand in case you need to slice through someone and perform a field amputation. You’ll definitely need a profound knowledge of anatomy. You’ll want to have the vocabulary necessary to talk circles around the commonfolk as you explain the nature of illness and negotiate your fee for your assistance. Of course, if you’re actually in medieval times, you won’t need any of that. All you really need is a terrifying look and confidence!Design & DetailsChannel the strange history of our own world and become one of the most haunting and mysterious figured from the middle ages and Renaissance. Feel the fearsome presence of the Plague Doctor with this Made by Us costume. Designed in our own in-house studios, this costume replicates the historic style of the self-proclaimed doctors during the times of the Black Plague. The costume includes a long, black doctor’s dress and the iconic raven beak mask. No need for actual spices to shove into the beak… (since it didn’t really do much anyway and you shouldn’t be facing real plague issues). But, when you accessorize with the gloves and wide-brimmed hat, you’ll look like you know something is in the air!Maiden of MedicineGather up all your mysterious lore (or just make up a convincing explanation) as you offer cures to the masses in the iconic look of the middle age Plague Doctor. 

Ward off sickness in your village in the Women’s Plague Doctor Costume. Featuring a long black cloak, white mask, and black rimmed hat, you’ll certainly be looking the part.

SAS ID: 38286

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