Pirate Dog Costume


Pirate Dog Costume

Avast ye, Seadog!Your dog has started exhibiting some odd behavior. It looked like they were reading a map one evening—even marking places with a paw print. But, they’re a dog, so surely, they had just found a good piece of paper to sit on… right? But you’ve realized, every bone you give them lately has been vanishing without a single crusty trace of it being chewed. Even some of your dog’s favorite toys have gone missing and after cleaning behind couches and under beds they still haven’t turned up. Then you saw them in the backyard digging with an excitement generally reserved for eating those birthday dog treats you get them. Suddenly all the dots seemed to connect.Your dog is definitely a pirate. You’re not sure if they are burying treasure (though that would explain the disappearing act their bones and toys have been doing) or if they’re looking for a long lost chest of treats. Whichever it is, it seems like it’s time to get your dog dressed for success and not just a stroll through the neighborhood.Product DetailsUpgrade your dog to seadog with this Pirate Dog Costume. They’ll be ready to sail the seven seas (or just chase a few squirrels) in their own captains’ jacket and tri-corner hat. Made with 100% polyester fabric, this dog costume is up for the rough and tumble life of a dog on the hunt for buried bones. All they’ll need is a good name to go with their new pirate life.Ahoy, Puppy!Whether you’re looking someone to join you on a treasure hunt or for the next ruthless Buccaneer to run a rig with you this Halloween, your dog will make an excellent first mate in this Pirate Dog Costume. They’ll be ready to raise the Jolly Roger and show the neighborhood they’re no landlubber!

He’ll make a fine ship captain for sure in this detailed Pirate Dog Costume. Dress up your pup in this pirate costume and include your pet in your Halloween celebration.

SAS ID: 38286

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