Pink Rhinestone Handcuffs


Pink Rhinestone Handcuffs

Sheriff of Sparkle TownThere’s a new sheriff around these parts, and she doesn’t take kindly to downers. Yes, Sparkle Town has seen a few rough years. Last month, the bandit Cynical Sally, broke into the bank and stole all the gems, freshly mined from Happy Springs. It was hard for the rough and tumble dwarves to realize that the gems were gone in a town where sparkle reigns supreme. So the citizens came together to hire a brand new sheriff who both knows how to razzle and dazzle as well as capturing the meanies that have come to infiltrate this happy place!Product DetailsThese pink, sparkly handcuffs are the perfect, playful touch to your sheriff costume. The metal links hook around most wrist sizes and lock with a mini key. Hook them to your belt loop and make sure you’ve got the key to add a naughty yet glamorous touch to your ensemble. Arrested AttractionAttraction is all about the detail. Are you putting together the perfect law enforcement look? These handcuffs will stand out in any costume whether you’re going with the traditional blue or you want a different kind of costume. Just make sure you don’t lose those keys!

Keep your naughty one in custody with these Rhinestone Handcuffs. Have them locked up at your discretion with these stylish handcuffs.

SAS ID: 38286

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