Pink Elephant Kid’s Costume


Pink Elephant Kid’s Costume

Wanted: Peanut PusherWhat’s the weirdest record of accomplishment you can think of? Could it be how quickly someone is able to push a peanut up a mountain peak? You heard us right. Peanut Pushing is a niche hobby that at least 3 men have landed in record books for. We think it’s time to break the previous record though, so we’re looking to recruit an energetic young elephant to get the job done.It took a lot of consideration to narrow down our criteria for who the next Peanut Pusher should be. We landed on a young elephant, based on a few things. The climb is about 14,000 feet, so the Pusher must be strong. The last person to complete the climb was a college student and he got the job done in just under 5 days. The next Pusher would need to be quicker to break records. Each climber, to claim the title of Peanut Pusher, must love peanuts! Okay, okay! The elephant part of this whole thing is more to add some humor than really fill a need. Most elephants actually dislike peanuts, so what we’re really after is a young human that is willing to dress like an elephant and push a tiny peanut up a mountain.Design & DetailsIf you have someone in mind, we’d love to recommend this Pink Elephant Costume for them to wear on their journey up the mountain. This Made By Us jumpsuit is just the thing to get a youngster geared up for an epic, record-breaking climb. Made from a soft velour fabric, this jumpsuit will keep them warm when they camp between days of climbing and protect them from the elements while they scale the mountain with their peanut. The headpiece, with its soft-sculpted facial features, is separate—if it gets too warm, your little climber can remove it and hook it with their other climbing gear. Fantastic FictionYou’re wondering why we think this Pink Elephant Costume is the best one to choose for this epic Peanut Pushing climb. Totally understandable. We chose pink because, as we mentioned, real elephants don’t actually like peanuts. So to play up the fiction of the thing we figured we’d go for broke with a whacky elephant design. So get your kiddo ready for the time of their life with this exclusive costume!

Head to the circus in this Kid’s Pink Elephant Costume. This features a cotton candy pink onesie with a matching hat with elephant ears, tusks, and trunk.

SAS ID: 38286

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