Pink Elephant Costume Infant


Pink Elephant Costume Infant

Oh Baby…Have you ever considered how similar your baby and a baby elephant are? If it weren’t for their size, the two infants might be confused for siblings. Think about it. Human babies consume lots of milk, they’re not quite sure how to use their appendages (or even that some of them are there), and they’re undeniably cute. Elephant babies, the same things really, though they need about 3 gallons of milk every day and they definitely figure out how their noses work before human babies.There are a lot of other reasons these two mammals relate, but if we get into it, we’ll be here all day. Let’s just get to the point: you love cute baby elephants and you want your cute human baby to be one for Halloween. As good as we are at finding facts about baby animals we’re even better at finding awesome costumes. So, how about this Pink Elephant Costume for your little peanut?Product DetailsThis plush elephant costume is separated into 2 pieces. The jumpsuit, with a snap closure at the inseam, makes changing needs easy. The headpiece, with a large set of soft ears and a fiber-filled trunk, makes your little one resemble that much-loved baby elephant. To make sure you can get pink elephant filled candids all Halloween, the headpiece comes with an elastic band to keep it in place (assuming Baby is still figuring out how fingers work).Too Cute!Okay, one more human and elephant baby comparison for you. Elephants use their trunks like hands to help them pick things up and eat and all that good stuff that requires grip. Elephant calves use their trunks like thumbs even before learning how to use it as a full hand though. Just like a human baby sucks its thumb, an elephant baby is known to do the same! Honestly, it can’t get any cuter.

Your little one will look adorable in this Infant Pink Elephant Costume. This cute, pink elephant onesie features a headpiece with ears and a trunk.

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