Peace & Love Plus Size Costume


Peace & Love Plus Size Costume

Fringe FunAre you heading out to the west coast with a flower in your hair? Gas up the VW bus and dress the part with this incredible costume.We all constantly dream of simpler days when all the craziness of modern life was just a little bit less in our faces. Times have kind of always been hectic, but a number of people in our past have been able to resist the push of fear and stress with a little bit of… peace and love! Now that technology is everywhere these days, inevitably adding to the craze of the times, maybe it’d be a really great idea to unplug. To rewind. To find a simpler time!Product DetailsOf course, finding the right time is exactly the solution. The ‘60s were the perfect time period. Everyone wore tie-dye or bright colors and promoted peace and love. If you often daydream about going back or growing up during this revolutionary era, then you need to make your dreams come true with this Peace and Love Plus Size costume! It has everything you could want: lots of colors, funky faux suede fringe, tons of flower-power, and all of it leaves room to add plenty of more sparkle and accessories should you need. (Pro tip: always add sparkle and accessories!)Styled as V-neck mini-dress with an attached fringe vest, this costume is made with 100 percent polyester knit & faux suede materials. Matching fringe boot covers continue the theme, and when you style your hair and wear the printed headband, well, you’re going to be totally groovy. When you choose this costume, don’t just return to a better time—bring peace and love from the past back into the future and spread the love!Plus Size Hippie CostumeWhen you arrive in San Francisco be sure to go find your fellow hippies in the Haight Ashbury district! Just be sure you’re wearing your new favorite fringe costume.

You’ll be rock and rolling and spreading the message of Peace & Love when you wear this exclusive costume! Available in sizes 1X, 2X 3X and 4X.

SAS ID: 38286

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