Paw Patrol Everest Comfy Costume Critters Blanket


Paw Patrol Everest Comfy Costume Critters Blanket

Ice or snow, Everest is ready to go!No matter how icy the weather conditions are, you can bet that Everest will be out there keeping things as safe as possible for pups and people alike. There is no snow drift or ice-covered mountain that this courageous husky can’t navigate. She saved Jake the snowboarder when he came close to falling off a cliff and you can always bet that Everest will be the first to “belly-boggan” down a hill! If your little one is a fan of Paw Patrol, and more specifically Everest, then this comfy critter blanket will make for the perfect present. They’ll love using it while snuggling and binge-watching Paw Patrol when the weather is cold and snowy. It’s a soft microfiber blanket with a character hood so kids can look like their favorite pup! It’s a cozier and warmer option than going out and playing in the snow.       

There is nothing better than watching Paw Patrol in this Paw Patrol Everest Comfy Critter Blanket!

SAS ID: 38286

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