Patchwork Hippie Costume Women’s


Patchwork Hippie Costume Women’s

Pump up the Positive VibesWhat’s up with the world these days? Everyone seems so uptight, so square. Maybe it’s because we’re all tapped into our phones. Maybe it’s because tie-dye isn’t a part of everyone’s everyday wardrobe anymore. But we think it’s time to bring back the good vibes. Trade-in your standard sedan for a colorful camper van, it’s a home as well as a vehicle so it’s a really good deal despite the gas mileage. Instead of heading to the club with your friends, consider hosting a drum circle at home instead. And when you’re heading out to listen to your favorite band, don’t even think about simply bobbing up and down. Put those hands up in the air and swing your loose, long locks. You simply can’t feel groovy if you refuse to groove!Product DetailsThis fringe happy, new age look is a comfortable and expertly crafted costume that works from all sorts of events from musicals to themed parties. The costume features a pair of bright, flared pants with sparkly patches, tie-dye cutouts, and a sparkly denim colored base. A fringed halter top secures with a zipper in the back. There’s a row of daisies belt across the middle. Add a headband to match it—that’ll inspire plenty of the “flowers in your hair” comments.San Fran or BustGetting down with the hippie vibe is easy-breezy with this Women’s Hippie Costume. Top off this look with natural flowing long hair and a chunky peace necklace or two. You’ll look right at home driving a VW Bus when you’re rocking this fringe and flair. Just remember to stay laid back even if someone forgets to bring the sage to your meditation circle. When you’re rocking these bright colors people are depending on you to bring the good vibes to the table!

Get decked out for the summer of love in this Women’s Patchwork Hippie Costume. This costume features flared tie dye pants and a brown fringed top.

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