Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig


Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig

We can’t prove this, but history books do seem to suggest that Marie Antoinette didn’t have pink hair. That’s beside the point though. If we could give every historical figure makeovers, we’d give them all some pastel colored hair just to spice things up. History books would probably be way more entertaining to look at if Marie Antoinette swooped onto the scene with her lavish new soft pink hairstyle. But alas, history cannot be changed and we’re forever stuck with the classical images of the French queen, or are we…?This Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig brings you the regal style of the famous female from history, but it adds a slightly playful twist. The synthetic hairs used in this wig are a soft, pastel pink that will have you feeling a bit more playful than the historically accurate version of her! Just place it on your head and you’ll be ready to solidify your role as queen of the party. Make sure, of course, to request that your fellow party goes eat cake in true Marie Antoinette fashion.

This Pastel Marie Antoinette Wig is a colorful and cute way to complete your historical French monarch look.

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