Panda Bear Kid’s Costume


Panda Bear Kid’s Costume

Panda To-Do ListPanda bears lead interesting lives. We’ve been watching tons of videos about pandas, so we’ve created a panda to-do list that showcases the exciting life of the cute critters! See below:1. Eat bamboo.2. Be adorable.3. Take nap.4. Eat more bamboo.5. Sleep.6. Eat bamboo.7. Be the star in an adorable internet video.8. Eat a truckload of bamboo.9. Snooze for a bit.10. Go to bed…. okay, so maybe panda bears have a pretty chill life. They mostly just eat bamboo and relax, but that sounds like a dream life if you ask us. Now your child can be just as chill as one of those cool pandas with this costume for kids!Design & DetailsOur costume designers capture the chill vibes of the real critter with this Kid’s Panda Bear Costume. It comes with a jumpsuit that’s covered in ultra soft, faux fur. The suit fits with a zipper in the front, making easy for your child to slip into. The foot covers and mitts are made out of the same soft faux fur material as the jumpsuit. Finally, to top the whole look off, this costume comes with a mascot-style headpiece. The headpiece is shaped like a panda’s head and even has a friendly face designed into the front. A plush nose and a pair of fluffy ears give the headpiece a “just right” kind of look.An Appetite for BambooYour child can have a relaxing day as a panda when wearing this exclusive panda costume for kids. Be sure to cook up some bamboo shoots for your little one, since playing as a panda can work up an appetite for bamboo! And if you feel like joining in on the panda fun, be sure to check out our various panda costumes for adults to pair up with your child!

A costume as cute as your kiddo is hard to find, luckily we have done it again! This Kid’s Panda Bear Costume is the perfect cute and cozy costume for this years Halloween! Find a bamboo shoot and head out for a night of fun!

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